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Our Catering services match the refinement, quality and dedication the rest of the services. You do not need a deeper insight to realize the class we command in all our services, including catering.
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Outdoor / Industrial Catering for International Events
• 2005-2007 - Participation in Industrial Catering for Wipro Ltd., Sector-V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, Served 45,000 meals over a month.

• 2006-2009 - Participation in Industrial Catering for Tata Consultancy Services at Delta Park, Salt Lake City, Kolkata. Served 30,000 meals over a month.

• September 2007 - International Tea Convention for Indian Tea Association. Catered to 3500 delegates from all over the globe over a period of four days.

Outdoor & Corporate Catering
• 2010, 2011, 2012 - The official caterer and accommodation partner for the International Tennis Federation and Junior Tennis Tournament at Kolkata.

• 2007-2009 - Official Catering for Annual T-Up cup for McLeod Russel India Limited, one of the biggest tea production houses in the world.

• 2012 - Official caterer for Assam Tea Planters’ Associations.

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